You Had to Know it Was Coming AI Crackdown

AllPub Blog Publishing You Had to Know it Was Coming AI Crackdown

No one should be surprised by the AI crackdown just announced by KDP. I expected the market to quickly reach max capacity for machine generated content. Apparently it has. 

Effective September 6, 2023 KDP now requires authors to disclose if the content they are submitting to the platform was generated by AI. This is a significant move toward throttling the Tsunami of machine generated low-quality content. See image below…

KDP Content Guidelines Screenshot on Machine Generated Content Ai crackdown

Let me be clear the reason for the ask is because there is no “detector” for AI content. I see people freaking out about that all of the time. The fact is, I can usually tell immediately when something was machine written. There are places where machine written content is a good solution, but trying to pass that off as yours is not one of them. 

This move by KDP will not solve the problem of dishonesty, nor will it result in improved content. It will however become grounds for disqualifying an author. 

KDP’s guidelines place the responsibility squarely on the shoulders of the author. Total transparency is required.

We require you to inform us of AI-generated content (text, images, or translations) when you publish a new book or make edits to and republish an existing book through KDP. AI-generated images include cover and interior images and artwork. You are not required to disclose AI-assisted content. We distinguish between AI-generated and AI-assisted content as follows:

  • AI-generated: We define AI-generated content as text, images, or translations created by an AI-based tool. If you used an AI-based tool to create the actual content (whether text, images, or translations), it is considered “AI-generated,” even if you applied substantial edits afterwards.
  • AI-assisted: If you created the content yourself, and used AI-based tools to edit, refine, error-check, or otherwise improve that content (whether text or images), then it is considered “AI-assisted” and not “AI-generated.” Similarly, if you used an AI-based tool to brainstorm and generate ideas, but ultimately created the text or images yourself, this is also considered “AI-assisted” and not “AI-generated.” It is not necessary to inform us of the use of such tools or processes.

You are responsible for verifying that all AI-generated and/or AI-assisted content adheres to all content guidelines. For example, to confirm an AI-based tool did not create content based on copyrighted works, you’re required to review and edit any AI tool outputs.

[This is a personal opinion: It is possible that if this can’t be self-monitored, then KDP will monitor. If they are forced to do this, I promise you it will come at a price.]

AI Generated vs AI Assisted

You can clearly see the distinction is made between AI assisted and AI Generated. We live in a world where AI assistance is everywhere. Spell checkers, predictive text, search engines, SIRI and so much more is assisting us all of the time. So it would be impossible to state that AI assistance didn’t take place with the content you create. It does. 

But that is not what this is all about. This is about the flood of book creators to hit the market promising you could create a book over the weekend with “our new-fangled, never before seen ChatGPT knockoff.” 

“Well I edit the content once the book is created.” 

Pay very careful attention to this statement: “even if you applied substantial edits afterwards”. I’m not an attorney (I didn’t sleep in some cockroach Inn either), but simply editing the content doesn’t give you an out. “Substantial” is a fuzzy legal term. We never want to argue that our edits are more than substantial. 

What’s the Take Away?

Use AI to assist you in every thing you do. Never use it to replace you!

If you’re an author/writer, then write. Don’t expect AI to do the hard work for you. Don’t buy into AI will do it all. If you do, then expect the crackdown to land on your work. 

If my personal opinion above is even a little close, then some nefarious people who would rather take the easy way out, could destroy an otherwise honorable work for the rest of us. 

Take a moment to read the article on The Art Of Authenticity I wrote that pre-AI wave. It is more meaningful today.


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